The longest transoceanic route

                                                                           Sailing on and on

                                                                            The Pacific route to the Orient

                                                                            The longest transoceanic route

                                                                            Defending the sea and the land

                                                                            Defence and fortification

                                                                            The “Virreinato” of New Spain

                                                                            The Philippines an Asiatic archipielago

                                                                            The “Cuadrícula”

                                                                            A “well ordered” city emerges

                                                                            The Cathedral: enduring and standing

                                                                            The “City of  God” : churches,convents and monasteries

                                                                            The gran Manila

                                                                           Beyond the walls

                                                                            Government and administration

                                                                            Railways,waterways,stone ways